HoW Presents: Valentine’s Vendetta

The First Annual Road to the Gold Tournament is in the books!  8 Men competed, tournament style, to see who would be the last man standing and become the new #1 Contender for the HoW Championship currently held by Chandler Hopkins.  After much controversy, the Magnificent Malico climbed the mountain to reign supreme.  Chandler Hopkins made his way out to the ring and was greeted with an epic beatdown at the hands of Malico and his brother, the monster Dahkil!

Do NOT miss the aftermath of the Road to the Gold because the fallout of that night’s events is sure to send far reaching shockwaves throughout the very foundation of Heroes of Wrestling!

Come out and see:

Heroes of Wrestling Champion: Chandler Hopkins
Heroes of Wrestling Lone Star Champion: Will Allday
The Magnificent Malico w/Dahkil
Andy Dalton
Warren J
Ryan Remington
Tommy Becker
Graham Bell
Dave Segan
Dexter Hardaway
The Outlaw Randy Wayne w/Miranda Gordy
Big Sean Studd
The Texas Apocalypse: Adam Asher
Sexy Steve DeMarco
Brysin Scott
Scott McKenzie
Simply Luscious
Thunder Rosa
Heroes of Wrestling’s Queen of the Ring: Alejandra the Lion

Doors Open: 4pm

Belltime: 5PM


Don’t miss out on another top notch show from the fastest growing independent wrestling organization in Texas!

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